Barça Academy

Barça Academy Bengaluru is the official FC Barcelona Football School in Bengaluru, which provides an exclusive opportunity for players in the age bracket of 4-18 years to learn the methodology and values from the unmatched Barça style and philosophy

Football Club Barcelona commonly known as Barça is a professional football club based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. FC Barcelona is renowned for its famous youth development system and positive values such as respect, effort, ambition, teamwork and modesty.

Barça Academy follows the FC Barcelona methodology & youth development system which believes in inculcating a creative and attacking brand of football among its players. The players are given the same education which has developed players like Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets & Gerard Piqué among many others.

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FCB Affiliation

Barça Academy Bengaluru programs are managed by Technical Director from FC Barcelona (currently jordi escobar). He is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the academy and ensuring that the syllabus of FC Barcelona is being coached and incorporated into the training sessions correctly. They also plan training programs to specifically suit and cater to our players of different ages.


The Technical Director is also responsible for selecting coaches who conduct the training sessions. The coaches undergo a stringent process of interviews before selected, to ensure that our coaches are capable and passionate.

They all hold different AIFF, AFC coaching licenses and are committed in coaching and bringing out the best in youth players. Coaches are specifically designated to different age groups, to cater to the varying development stages.

Coaching Sessions

Each of our training sessions lasts 75 minutes to ensure quality time to learn and adapt to the philosophies of FC Barcelona. In this duration, each player will be taught on the famed syllabus of FC Barcelona with our specialized coaches who are hand-picked by our Technical Director. Each training group contains between 8-14 players which ensures that each and every player receives quality attention from all of our coaches.


Each of our training sessions lasts 75 minutes to ensure quality time to learn and adapt to the philosophies of FC Barcelona. In this duration, each player will be taught on the famed syllabus of FC Barcelona with our specialised coaches who are hand-picked by our Technical Director. Each training group contains between 8-14 players which ensures that each and every player receives quality attention from all of our coaches.

We believe that competition is important for a player’s development, as it is important to implements all that’s been practiced during the sessions. The Barça Academy program aims to give a competition experience, not merely a competition focused on a score or a classification. To inculcate this philosophy and to give continuous match day practice to our players, we organise an 8-week long league in every cycle of this season to keep the competitive spirit up in its players.

To give more exposure to its players, Barça Academy plays friendlies against a host of football schools and participates in external leagues and tournaments. We regularly play friendlies against PSG Academy India, BBFS Football Schools and RSA. These friendlies are played with the aim of giving match practice to our players ahead of important tournaments that we participate in.

As per domestic tournaments we have participated and won the RSA cup for the last 2 years consecutively.

We select players for our Top Squad every season which represents Barça Academy at various international tournaments. Special training sessions are held on Fridays for the top squad which alternates monthly between the Escola centers.

Every year we participate in the Barça Academy International tournament which is held in Barcelona and is the most prestigious event of our season. Apart from that we also participate in Dubai Super Cup and Singa Cup.

We recognize the importance of different aspects required in player development. Apart from football training and matches, physical conditioning plays a very important and integral part, thus we have a value added program mandatory for every player.

These sessions are conducted in addition to the regular sessions. The main objective of these programs is to improve the performance of our players and give them the best knowledge and training.

For any player to join Barça Academy, he would have to first give a trial at any of our centres where the technical director from FCB will assess the child’s performance and recommend an appropriate program for the player according to his skill and age.
Players who have entered the world of football (soccer) recently must go through a learning process that teaches them the basics of the game as well as the technique. The Pre-Initiation development category aims to work on the players understanding of the game, motor skills and football technique. Players between the age of 4-10 generally train in Pre-Initiation groups.

Players focus on the development of their technique and motor skills once they have learned the basics of the game of football (Soccer). Initiation development category works on the players motor skills, technique and initiates the process of the basic foundation of Tactical content of the Barça style of play. Players between the age of 6-12 generally train in the Initiation groups.

Once a player has learned the basic technique to play the game of football, they commence their learning of the tactical part of the game. This involves understanding the individual roles in a team and the roles of the team together.
However, at this development stage players still keep working on their technique and try to find the balance between developing their individual technique as well. Players between the age of 8-14 generally train in the Formation groups.

Players continue working to advance their tactical knowhow of the game once they reach the Pre-Competition stage. This is the beginning of their life as a professional footballer and thus the emphasis changes completely towards the tactical part of the game.
The players are at an advanced stage of their development and thus they start to work on their fitness and conditioning as well. Players between the age of 10-16 generally train in the Pre-Competition groups.

Players who have reached the Competition stage of the game begin to work towards perfecting their tactical part of the game. Players move on to optimize all parts of their game to achieve the completion of their development as a player.
Talented Players training in this stage start playing professionally and graduate to be picked up by other clubs. Players aged 12-18 train in the Competition development stage.

ECC Center, Whitefield, Bengaluru
  Saturday & Sunday
  8:30 AM -9:15 AM & 9:20 AM-10:35 AM
  +91 80954 02345
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Yes, we give an opportunity to children to have a trial. Please fill in the registration form or contact the center of interest with this enquiry and we can arrange an appropriate session for your child to attend

Footwear suitable for the surface, shin guards, named water bottle, tracksuit top/sweatshirt in winter period if necessary. Each player must wear an appropriate uniform (provided) for match day or a regular training session.

Yes, at FCBEscola Delhi NCR venues parents are permitted to remain onsite whenever training sessions/matches take place. However, parents must be outside the football pitch and are strictly not allowed to cross the field when sessions take place, or speak to the players during the training session.

No, unfortunately we do not run short-term programs. FC Barcelona offers 3 types of memberships depending on the duration of the program: 3, 6 and 9 months memberships.

Yes, however it depends on the availability in a desired branch for your child’s specific age group. Should you have such enquiry, please feel free to contact the respective venue coordinator to arrange for the transfer or a waiting list.

Payment can be made by either Cash or Cheque. Membership payments are to be made at once upon registration. No installments option is available. But the player can choose the membership duration as per their payment comfort.

It is our aim for every child to gain success at their individual as well as a team level. Our coaching staff are specifically trained to pass on how FC Barcelona players are trained. Our specially designed coaching programs help improve the skill levels in all children.

No, Barça Academy is an after-school programme and not a residential academy.

No, the players need to commute on their own.